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Heidi Katz
"This simple course helped me understand how to renew my energy effectively and STOP feeling so tired all the time!
Achieve Your Goals from a Position of Strength by Waking Up to Your Primary Source of Energy
Take the 5 Steps to Authentic Sustained Energy

Click Play and Listen to This Exciting Interview with John Allen Mollenhauer, a leading Performance Lifestyle Advisor and entrepreneur.  

The PERC gives anybody, regardless of their present situation and circumstances, an opportunity to get back in charge of their life by mastering the simple and powerful strategy to a lifetime of sustainable authentic energy. 

Our primary objective in the PERC is to help people get free of personal energy debt and take a quantum leap beyond the usual slate of important yet impotent recommendations we hear over and over again these days like “get 6-8 hours of sleep...” 

We set out to clarify what energy is, and the key processes, skills and insights so essential to effectively renew, balance, manage, optimize and focus your energy. 

If you're up to big things in your family life and business and needing to get you energy back, wanting to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle successfully or optimize your energy levels for high performance; PERC is the relevant, meaningful and actionable solution. 

The Personal Energy Renewal course is the perfect combination of inspiration, education and application.

We're ready to support you. 
James Maas Ph.D.
Author of James Maas, Best Selling Author of Power Sleep and Sleep to Win, 
Professor of Psychology Cornell University
"The REM Method is brilliant! This is the first plan to go beyond "sleep debt" and create a systematic strategy for getting out of personal energy debt. It goes way beyond 'get 8 hours of sleep and take a nap.'
Our PERC Course Attendees Say It Best
“Renewing my energy helped land and start a new career.” 
Cindy McCormick 
Global Trade Show, Events & Meetings Professional

“In a matter of 2 weeks I began to drastically improve my chronic fatigue.” 
Matt D MIglin
The Voice of Prosperity, Former Publisher Performance Mag NJ

“I’m now able to manage the precious energy to achieve my goals”  
Joanne Korman Goldman 
CVPCC, PCC. Executive Coach and Career Coach
Start Living The Life You Dream of With
 Greater Ease And Enjoyment.
How Would You Feel If You Had the Breakthrough Insights, Knowledge and Practical Steps Combined with The Real Inspiration and Support You Need to…?
Get real about renewing and managing your energy so you can perform at your best. 

Get free of that constant fatigue you know is distracting and holding your backthis is the primary objective of this course. 

End bouts of negative thinking because you're really too tired to think more positive. 

Recharge your body/brain proactively, by understanding what "balance" really is, so you no longer feel like you're losing your mind at times. 

Tune into the life-changing nuances of personal energy, and its management, without getting lost or confused by esoteric so-called "solutions."

⦁ No longer fall for stimulant and other energy delusions by understanding the Powered by: Principles.™ 

Infuse your body with the energy, you can't see and can't touch, but have direct access to 24 hours per day and are free to spend, wisely.  

⦁ Understand how sleep, rest, recovery, relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation really work to ensure you have enough energy. 

Start experiencing the peak periods of high energy you want, the buffer and regeneration periods you'll need and depend on.
Learn and apply the premier skill elite athletes use to ensure they live in balance and stay healthy for high performance when it counts. 

⦁ Reframe nutrition and fitness so you starting eating and exercising for energy efficiency, so you can deal with stress in better ways. 

Reinstate that ambitious goal you wrote off not too long ago, because you are no longer worried about burning out…

Set the primary objective in your life to have more energy than you need to function, and perform from a position of strength. 

Deep dive into PERC—the core of a Performance Lifestyle—to begin mastering personal energy renewal, balance, management, optimization and focus so you can harness what's really driving you to live a more fulfilling and productive life. 

AND better still, know you can do it all… 

     ⦁ In the comfort of your own home or office,
       without travel…

     ⦁ With the ease and convenience of a mobile

     ⦁ With daily support to keep you on track...

Start Feeling Free to Recharge Your Energy So You're Inspired to Live Healthy and Can Stay Focused!
  • Imagine having a place to find answers to the most important questions you have on why you feel like you're tired almost all the time and experiencing constant fatigue even though you're eating “healthy,” exercising, and getting up to 8 hours of sleep
  • Imagine if you could deal with stress from a position of strength, no longer the weakness you feel when you're reeling from low energy. Get ready to create the personal energy equity required for personal self-care, your family, and to build your business to new heights; and even have energy left over for a creative or competitive pursuit… 
  • Imagine what your life might look like 60 days from now if you had the confidence you were no longer going to going to procrastinate or avoid attempts at achieving your dream because you just don’t think you have the energy to sustain the effort… when you have renewed personal power.  
  • Imagine starting every day with inspired, action-provoking insights and exercises that immediately delivered the results you previously thought were out of reach, and when it's over the support doesn't stop.    
  •  Imagine achieving your goals without experiencing the struggles of constant fatigue that come with ‘going it alone’… only in genuine relationship with others will stop feeling tired, held back and distracted. 


You Can Turn Overwhelm and Fatigue into Renewed Personal Power and Confidence.

How Does PERC Work to Ensure You Finally Centralize Personal Energy Renewal 
in Your Life?
In a world that can easily wear you down with technology, too many commitments in a high achieving family, career or business and a performance culture that promotes the heroic effort; relying on getting “6-8 hours” of sleep, eating “healthy” and exercising alone to maintain the personal energy you need to succeed is feeling less and less potent.

The PERC Experience was designed for people who have a lot going on in their lives, want to stay vital and avoid burnout. It's the core of what’s becoming known as a “performance lifestyle." This is a system actually used by high performing athletes that is now available to you. 

Soccer mom or CEO, it will inspire, educate and support you in mastering the five core aspects of personal energy—the perpetual process of knowing how to renew, balance, manage, optimize and focus your personal energy.

    Module 1: Renew

    Get Free of Personal Energy Debt—the Hidden Variable that Undermines All Health and Success Initiatives. 

    Become aware of the underlying dynamics of what is commonly known as “sleep debt,” but what is more accurately called personal energy debt or biological debt.

    It's that underlying fatigued condition you know is there, but you can’t quite put your finger on and to-date have not been able to resolve.

    In this initial Module you'll learn the process of how to get out of debt (the primary objective of the course) and begin renewing your personal energy without getting tripped up, so living in balance is even possible.

    Nobody does this, alone!

    Module 2: Balance
    Discover the personal energy pillars and precepts so that you can stand strong and no longer fall for the stimulant delusions. 

    You’ll discover the fundamental balance between energy generation, and energy regeneration, why these pillars represent the most important skill sets for maintaining “balance” and why personal energy regeneration is more important.

    This will shift your mindset beyond simply how many hours of sleep you need to get each day to learning how replenish and exceed your need for personal energy so you can create healthy energy surges for forward moving momentum. 
    Why even think of going it alone? Find out what things mean, how they really work and how to get them working for you in your life. 

    This can be emotional, so make sure you have support!

    Module 3: Manage
    Begin Mastering REM - The Regeneration Energy Method™ and Stop Relying on Sleep Alone.  

    Now, you’ll begin mastering what’s more commonly understood as how to “manage your energy," only now sleep is only one part of what will become your method

    Once you have enough energy to manage, “like money,” and are poised for life beyond the delusion of thinking you have more energy than you actually have; you’ll need to have more than one tactic to succeed at beating fatigue and harnessing the authentic energy you need.

    You’ll also learn the breakthrough energy discoveries that include but go beyond being convinced about sleep... to using sleep, rest, recovery, relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation as components of a proactive strategy for recuperating so you can maintain an ever ready body. 

    This will prime you for learning the one skill all elite athletes master for Peak Performance.  

    Module 4: Optimize
    Learn the Art and Science of Periodization—the One Skill Athletes and other High-Achiever Master to Peak Their Performance.

    You don't have to be into sport or even a fitness enthusiast to benefit from this foundational lifestyle and training skill. 

    Now that you'll have a foundation for personal energy renewal and it's management;  it’s time to begin learning how to optimize your energy levels.

    This IS performance living 101, and if you don't know and practice it, you're likely burning out. 

    Imagine, knowing how to optimize your hours, days, months and even your year. This module alone will change your whole life for the better, forever.

    Take the guesswork out of living and experience what high performers do for extraordinary results.    

    Module 5: Focus
    Pursuing Less, for More — is about focusing your energy so you don't dilute, dissipate and diffuse your energy and now create impact. 

    Ever feel like you're not getting to where you want to go, you're putting out tons of energy, yet left feeling tired and overworked? 

    Well, with Focus, you can change all that IF you're wanting and willing to stop saying yes to everything that crosses your path, and achieve more, by chasing fewer obligations; most of which are choosing you.  

    In this module, you'll begin making decisions and taking key steps to focus your energy so that you see the needle move on what's most important. 

    You'll also learn the one focusing strategy that all top performing people and companies maintain throughout their lives 

    You'll go beyond the disease to please with allot of help from your friends, to get even further, faster down the path of achieving your dreams, while serving others.  
    Bonus Module #1:
    Once you have a powerful understanding of how to renew and manage your energy, it's time to learn how to fuel your body, right!

    You don't want to eat anymore to make up for lower personal energy levels and stimulate your way through the day. 

    You are excited to learn how, all in one fell swoop, you can nourish, detoxify, stabilize, and strengthen your body by eating better, not less (dieting) and optimize your energy levels in the process. 

    This first bonus will help you do just that, and like the core course, will save you probably 20 years or more, steering clear of all the confusion there is around eating. 

    When you learn how to eat up to 90% or more, plant- based, nutrient-rich "superfoods," in great-tasting ways, you will then know how to fuel your body right. 

    This segment of the course alone is worth the low cost of signing up now. 

    Bonus Module #2
    It's easy to think that the more you work out, the stronger and fitter you'll get. This may be true to a degree, but more so, it's only true to the degree you have enough personal energy to adapt to the stress.    
    We call this being fit for power. The truth is, we have access to unlimited amounts of energy but are you fit for that power, able to be an energy efficient player in life; ready to harness and use the energy that's available to you? 

    The thing is, you'll see even the most fit people walking around with cups of coffee in their hand just to keep going. 

    Fitness can take over our lives as if it was more important than charging and fueling your body. It's not. You know your fit for power when you're body is recuperated, nourished and ready to grow and develop. 

    In this second bonus module, you'll learn the 5 guiding principles to guide your exercise practice for years to come. 

    The beauty is, you won't be exercising a fatigued body any more, you'll be more motivated than ever to get ready for higher intensity training, and you'll literally never miss a workout ever again!

    A Message From Performance Lifestyle Advisor,  
    John Allen Mollenhauer 
    Hi, my name is John Allen Mollenhauer, my friends call me John Allen or by my initials “JAM.” And I hope you will too. 

    I am the founder of Performance Lifestyle, Inc.—a transformational education, training and coaching company that offers powerful, expert-guided personal energy and lifestyle management courses that promote the balanced and healthy, whole-life performance goal and success-oriented people need.

    I founded the company as a result of becoming a worn-down workaholic business owner who'd become distracted and held back due to constant fatigue and the consequences low energy was having in my life despite eating healthy and exercising regularly. 

    When I discovered the idea of living a "performance lifestyle," with personal energy renewal at the core, things began to change and change big. 

    Now, as a passionate and focused lifestyle entrepreneur, and Performance Lifestyle advisor to entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and managers up to big things in their lives but at risk of burning out; I'm committed to helping those I serve learn how to renew, balance, manage, optimize and focus their personal energy. 

    By taking the way they live and work to a whole new new level of relevance, meaningfulness and actionability, I can help you achieve your goals by waking up to your primary source of energy. 
    From firsthand experience, and the help of other leading experts in the sciences of energy and lifestyle management, I’ve developed a breakthrough, yet simple and comprehensive curriculum called the PERC (Personal Energy Renewal Course) that will help you: 

    1. Revitalize  your energy and life. 
    2. Reenergize your work performance.
    3. Reinvigorate your most important relationships…
    The PERC course is a powerful experience where you'll learn how to renew and manage your personal energy – much like a professional athlete does - in a way that is immediately relevant, meaningful and actionable in your life.

    I guarantee that after 60 days, you'll have the knowledge, skills and initial experience you need to restore to your true potential.
    Basically, I will show you step-by-step how to get free of personal energy debt—the hidden variable that undermines all health and success initiatives, so that you can once again, perform look and feel like a much younger person. 

    It’s time to stop taking your personal energy for granted (I've done that, and you've done that and it doesn't work) relying on sleep alone, or chasing your tail with energy drinks, supplements or the latest magic food or drug formula that will never really “resolve” your constant fatigue. 

    for the PERC course, and stop wondering why you’re feeling tired all the time. Finally, remove the causes of fatigue, stay out of exhaustion and be successful by learning how to live within your ideal energy range. 

    As this is an intensive training course, my team and I work closely side by side with our clients making sure we provide the best support so you can learn and experience as much as possible. We work with only 125 clients per session.  

    As a part of your purchase of PERC, you’ll receive valuable pre-course training and one live interactive group training coaching call ahead of the course start. This will help prepare you for the period of transformation that awaits you that will change your life for the better forever. It will help get you mentally and organizationally prepared.  

    I am also going to offer you a 30 minute coaching session with me during the Fall 2016 Course. Why am I putting out this exceptional level of energy? It's simple, I want to make sure that PERC delivers, I learn about your specific situation and help you apply PERC teachings at the highest level. 

    I want to dramatically improve the quality of your life by helping you develop a performance lifestyle you can call your own. 

    I am looking forward to helping you stop chasing energy and let energy catch up to you. The energy you want is waiting for you here in the PERC.

    ~ JAM
    How to Get Started

    Enroll for PERC today!

    Review the pre-training material that you will receive weekly via email starting September 20th.

    Begin course on October 2nd, 2016!

    What Is Included in the PERC Course?

    The 5 Core Modules of the PERC Method

    Lessons, Exercise and Hero Shots for the Day!

    Audio, Video and or PDF Downloads of Each Lesson

    Downloadable Guides, Resources and Checklist

    60-Day Online Training Course on Personal Energy Management You Can For Access Lifetime

    Daily Content Uploaded Weekly to Your Personal Member Portal

    Live Weekly Q&A on Fridays with Performance Lifestyle Advisor John Allen Mollenhauer via Skype

    Private Facebook Mastermind Group

    Pricing Options
    One payment of
    Billed one time
    • When: October 2nd, 2016
    • Where: Courses are delivered online
    • How: You will receive materials and instructions via email before the course starts
    THREE payments of
    Billed now, in 30 days and in 25 days
    • When: October 2nd, 2016
    • Where: Courses are delivered online
    • How: You will receive materials and instructions via email before the course starts
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What Makes PERC Different Than Other Courses That Are Related?
    Personal Energy Management is a big subject as vital energy touches all aspects of life and your style for living it. 

    Simply put, our course is more comprehensive than others, going beyond the typical “physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual energy paradigm, and then talking about sleep, nutrition and fitness in silo’d ways. It takes learning to the second tier, where you learn the core of a whole-life performance perspective that’s more relevant, meaningful and actionable. 

    We also delve into the modern and personal causes for living outside our optimal energy range, the downward spiral dynamic all of us need to stay out of and how to reverse it to live in an upward spiral. You get an understanding of the unique circumstances that you are individually dealing with that are affecting your energy levels, and then provide the three defacto and core modules with all the essential lessons you need to succeed in understanding, renewing, harnessing, managing and focusing your personal energy through lifestyle management.
    What If This Doesn't Work For Me?
    If PERC is not satisfactory for you, let us know within 30 days of the completion of the course, and we will give you a full refund. We do this because many people in the course use the course period to resolve their personal energy debt, and may confuse the temporary feeling of malaise with the course not working. PERC works, it couldn’t not. 

    We want you to feel confident that we have your back, and will always do the right thing. You have a 100% money back guarantee.
    How Do I Get A Refund?
    Email our team at support@performancelifestyle.com and we will address your refund within one or two business days, if not immediately.  
    When Will I Start Seeing Results, And When Will I Fully Realize the Benefit of the Course?
    Results start immediately in accordance with where you are starting from. For example, one of the key lessons you will learn in the course is on the “misinterpretation of fatigue.” Even when you think personal energy renewal is not working it’s working and if you actually learn this lesson, you’ll experience a major increase of energy within a relatively short period of time.  
    Is This Content Helpful For Both Professional And Personal Spheres Of Life?
    Professional life is personal. Period
    What Is PERC Not?
    We are not a health, medical or psychiatric program. We don’t directly counsel people through sleep disorders, apnea or other clinical medical or psychological issues; though the course will help you dramatically improve your health, stay out of the hospital, sleep, think and eat… better!
    Will I Receive Anything In the Mail?
    PERC is 100% digital, so you will receive everything online.
    What Will I Receive When I Sign Up Today?
    Pre-training material, video, audio and e-guides that you will receive weekly via email starting September 12th and a live interactive coaching call that will prepare and organize you for this 60-day training one week in advance. PERC starts on October 2nd.
    What If I'm Not Ready To Buy Right Now?
    Call us and talk with us. We are happy to discuss and answer your questions with you. Just call 1-844-PL3-6500 (844-753-6500). If we are not immediately available, we will call you back at a time that works for you. We also have live chat available on the site. Right now we are providing special pricing, and a three payment plan based on the regular already discounted price. If you purchase the course now, we will give you a further discount of 10% and you’ll save $47.
    How Long Will I Have Access to This Course?
    You have lifetime access after purchasing this course as long as the company is in business. You do not have to renew at any point. 
    How Long Will It Take Me Each Day To Get Through The Course?
    Each lesson will take you about 20-30 minutes or less to go through. In some cases, only 5-10 minutes. The application of the lesson, that grounds you in experience, may take longer, but that’s all factored into your lifestyle. You practice to the extent you want and need. 
    Is This Content Relevant For Someone Who is Not a Professional Or Entrepreneur?
    Absolutely. The principles in this programs can be applied to any lifestyle or occupation. We designed it with entrepreneurs and business professionals in mind because as they tend to have the greatest demands on their time and energy and also feel the most burnt out. But PERC is for any person who wants to stop feeling tired all the time.
    Can I Justify This Purchase As A Business Expense To My Employer, If I Have Too?
    Yes, this is primer to a lifestyle-based, healthy, performance training called PL365 that will optimize your energy levels, capacity and focus that will most certainly help you professionally.   
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